Les Jardins de Kerdalo
The Terraces

The Terraces, traditionally called “Little Nice” because of their southern exposure, were planted with less hardy plants by Peter Wolkonsky.

Dominantly greenish yellow colours mark the onset of Spring, which is at its most impressive with the flowering of Accacia pravissima.

Summer is an explosion of colours : the flaming red and bright yellow of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Paul’s Best’ mingle with the silvery gray of Melianthus major while the delicate little white flowers of Hoheria sextylosa blend marvellously with the yellow of Kniphofia ’Green Jade’. The impressive flowering of Beschorneria yuccoides should not be missed. Echium pininana and Cupressus sempervirens add a touch of verticality.

In the Autumn the red foliage of Cotinus coggygrya ‘Grace’ and the Fascicularia pitcairniifolia flower provide some of the last touches of colour on The Terraces.

(Bakeri Group) ‘Lilac Wonder' sp. Tresco (syn de Fascicularia bicolor ssp. bicolor) ssp. niphophila