Les Jardins de Kerdalo
The Lower Valley

The path leading to the Lower Valley runs along the big (upper) lake down to the dam. Just after the Drymis lanceolata the path forks. Follow the left fork (which gets a bit narrower) for a spectacular view in both Spring and Summer, and even in Winter.

In Spring, the bright yellow of Lysichitum americanum shows that the season has already begun. This heralds the arrival of Gunnera manicata, the new leaves making their appearance through their Winter apparel.

On the bank of the little stream Dicksonia antartica imparts a touch of verticality. Don’t miss the fantastic flowering of azaleas and rhododendrons in this part of the garden.

A small jungle establishes itself in Summer. The flowers and gigantic leaves of Gunnera manicata mingle with Matteucia struthiopteris, astilbes, and leaves of lysichitons now at their peak.

All this exuberance calms down in the Autumn, and just before the first cold spell the Gunnera leaves are cut off and placed upside-down over the stalks to protect them through the Winter.